Who are we?

Who are we?

Quick Intervention Company is a leading Jordanian company in the field of security and protection established in 2012, as a limited liability company which registers under the licensee number (27486) .the company has started provide security and protection services to their customers since 1/2/2012 all over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The company offers and provides the following security services and protection.

1- Providing armed and non-armed security protection services for fixed and mobile sites and projects.

2- Provide security services and protection of sites and temporary structures.

3- Providing services for the preparation of evacuation plans for all type of Companies and training them through a specialized and a high degree professionalism team, how to implement and execute the evacuation plan.

4- Observation cameras through the CCTV around the clock through using technical staff who are qualified to deal with the technology of cameras and information and follow-up every update that occurs in this field.

5- Carrying out special protection and guarding works for vehicles transporting money either to banks, companies or individuals through the use of the best mechanisms specialized in transferring funds accompanied by trained and armed personnel and with a high degree of professionalism to deal with the emergency conditions in this field.

6- Provide security plan, risk assessment, and consulting services through providing comprehensive Security plans that cover all internal and external threats.

7- Perform special protection and guarding work on fixed sites (non-governmental projects).

8- Carrying out protection and guarding works for public establishments.

9- Carrying out protection and guarding services for diplomatic facilities (Embassies, Attachés and International organizations).

Our vision

Excellence in security and protection services

Our Mission

To reach the highest levels of protection, surveillance, evacuation and security consulting in the field of security and protection services

Our strategy

• Reach the high level of professionalism, which in turn leads to deliver of optimal service that increases customer satisfaction
• Partnership with the public and private sectors through effective control of operational and logistical support .
• extensive and directive training of the company's cadres to reach the highest professionalism degrees , which in turn enhances the concept of the comprehensive security system at the Local and Regional levels.
• Make every effort to achieve the highest degree of company staff satisfaction through creating warm , safe and team work environment that transformation his work even the whole employee life to a real pleasure, this in turn which leads the staff to mobilizing all their energies and talents to provide the best they have to achieve the company objectives , maintain the investment balance human and technical expertise and prevent them from leaving the company , as well as enhance the ability of the company to achieve its objectives and overcome any challenges faced by the ultimate goal in which reflects positively on the customers of the company

Our Core Values


Loyalty on site


Cooperation and teamwork


Security coordination


Excellence in performance