Conduct Risk Management Assessment (RMA)

Preparing Risk Management and Evacuation Plans for Establishments and conducting Drill.

The company has a specialized team to evaluate the security risks, develop evacuation plan and conduct training for human cadres on how to apply and deal with them to maintain the safety of individuals.
All plans are prepared in details according to the nature of the project and the potential risks and discuss the impact on it , analyze and develop the possibilities of responding to these risks in line with the mission of the company.
Provide security services in the area of responsibility with high standards in terms of readiness and implementation, in full compliance with ethical and humanitarian standards for all employees of the company.
Treated all recipients' and giving them the best treatment taking in our consideration nature and circumstances of our projects. So that we do the following:
a. Identify the risks most likely to affect the project and execute the task scenario management.
b. Risk measurement assessment (cooperation, follow-up and periodically follow-up with the Center and preparation of reports.
C. Develops responses (steps to address or face these risks).
D. To control the reaction against the risks and respond on time duration of project implementation.