Our Projects

Our Projects

Experience of the company

Quick Intervention Company for Security and Protection was established to provide integrated security solutions to its customers. It has provided many security and guarding services for many sectors and guard services for many companies and institutions in Jordan,

Industries sector

1- Jordan Petroleum Refinery from 11/11/2016 until 30/11/2017.
2- South Cement Factory (Lafarge) French from 2013 up to date.
3- Ma'an Industrial City from 2012 to date.
4- Sanam Glass Factory as of 17/12/2013 up to date.
5-Saving Fund Building in Jordan Lafarge Amman Cement Company Shmeisani 2014 and till 31/12/2014.
6- Japanese fertilizer company (Aqaba) 2014 until 30/12/2017.
7- Jordanian-Indian Fertilizer Company (JIFCO) from 17 -7-2018 up to date.
8- Abu Shraikh Project to Rehabilitate the Sahrawi road from 16/11/2017 up to date.

Water Sector

1- Jordan Water Company - Miyahuna for the capital Amman and its vicinities from 1/2/2015 up to date.
2- Jordan Water Company - Water for Zarqa Governorate as of 15/3/2015 up to date.
3- French Company to draw the water of Deissah from 01/07/2016 up to date.

Electricity sector

1- National Electricity Company, South Region, from 01/01/2016 until 1/5/2018.
2- Electricity Distribution Company Limited, effective from 1/1/2014 until 31/12/2016.

Solar and Wind Energy Sector

1- SUN EDISON ITALLA CONSTTUCTION B1 from 01/06/2015 until 1/2/2016.
2- Zahrat AL-salam for Energy Generation B3 from 19/12/2015 to 28/2/2017.
3- ALward AL-JOURY Energy Generation B4 effective from 19/12/2015 until its date 28/2/2017.
4- Ideema sun energy effective from 1/5/2015 to 1/4/2016.
5- First solar international company from 01/05/2016 until 1/10/2016.
6- Static Solar Company from 01/08/2016 to 2017.
7- Renewable Energy Operating at the University of Al Hussein Bin Talal 2014 to date.
8- Al-Rajaf Wind Power Project from 01/06/2017 to the present date.
9- MOUNTING SYSTEMS GMBH as of 11/08/2015 till date.
10- International Spectrum Solar Project from 17/1/2018 to date.
11- The wind energy project Elcnor project dated May 27, 2017 until its date.
12-Wadi Al-Esh Solar Project on 17/1/2018 and its date .
13- Jordanian Soil Factory ,Amman 2020 .
14- Aqaba Development Company 2020 / Five Locations .
15- Fujiej Wind Farm Project 2020 .

Construction, Contracting and Housing Sector

1- Union Contractors Group (SAL) of (CCC), Arabtec Construction Company and Drake & Scull Construction Company LLC as of February 20, 2015 and up to date.
2- Accommodation of the staff of Jordanian Fertilizers Company (Aqaba) effective from 1/3/2014 till 31/12/2015.
3- Oasis Pilgrims City from 2014 until the date.
4- Ma'an Municipal Machinery Garage (formerly Ma'an Police Directorate Building) 2013/2014/2015/2016.
5- King Abdullah II Fund. Jordan Youth Association 2014 until 1/3/2018.

Education sector

1- Alrahbanh Alwaredah Society from 01/06/2016 until the present date.
2- Housing Students of Al Hussein Bin Talal University (Residential complex) 2012/2014 to date.
3- Security and Protection of the school of Islamic brotherhood 01/09/2016 to date.
4- Aqaba Development Company effective from 1/6/2017 until its date.

Banking sector

1- Housing Bank Maan Branch as of 01/10/2015 and its date.
2- Foundation for the development of Orphan Funds from 10/01/2017 until 15/1/2018.

Medical sector

Dar Al-Dawa 2-10-2017 till the date of 2-10-2018.

Shopping centers

1- American Products Factory Qastal 13/6/2018 until its date.
2- Security and Protection of Duty Free Markets from 01/05/2017 to 31/4/2018.
3- Tantash Investment Group as of 01/05/2017 till date.
4-The Jordanian-Saudi Electronics Trading Company (Smart Buy) of 2016.
5- The People's Roaster "from 25/7/2017 until its date.
6- Ahmed Al-Masri Foundation as of 21/6/2018 until 20/9/2018.

Guarding and escorting VIPs

Personal Escorting to the manager of the Jordanian Lafarge Cement Factory 21/5/2018 until its date

Tourism Sector

1- Panorama Hotel Petra 1/6/2018 to date.
2- Aqaba Gulf Hotel as of "1/6/2018 until the date.
3- Restaurant Macaroon Castle Aqaba as of "21/6/2018.

Airline and Airports

Royal Jordanian