Our Policy

Our Policy includes the commitment to apply international standards in quality and public safety to reach the highest standards in providing our services to our customers.

All company employees are subjected to Jordan Labor and Social Security law.
The company adopts scientific methods in the recruitment of employees through comprehensive process of selection staff and classified them to different levels according to the type, nature and requirements of the Project to make sure we provide optimized security and protection service to our clients.
The company is committed to a code of conduct that governs the nature of the relationship between the employee, his colleague, the employee and the customer (according to UN regulations regarding security personnel and armed security personnel).
The Company shall abide by the Rules of Engagement applicable in accordance with the (Rules and Regulations of the United Nations) regarding to security and armed security personnel (in the case of armed custody of some projects that require due to the nature of the project).
Human Rights. The United Nations law and National laws are the main reference that links the security officer's relationship with management and clients in the performance of their duties.