General Manager Speech

Even though the strong competition that we are facing in the field of security in armed and non-armed protection. Especially in Jordan

But we are in Quick Intervention for Security and Protection company have been able to intervene rapidly in this field and take part in providing Security service in all region of the country due to the uniqueness and style of company Management , in addition to the creativity of the distinguished team and competent personnel in the field of security and protection beside to the deep planning and continuous training and always search for a new methods of security and protection service and security equipment's .

We are in QIFSAP will be able to move forward to achieve more success in the field of security and protection since we believes that creativity has no limits. I do attribute the great success we have achieved in the last few years of the company to a number of elements:

1- Qualified and trained security personnel.
2- Unique style management of the company and operations management to seek excellence and development.
3- Our ability to implement any ideas, suggestions and observations provided by our customers and at the utmost speed.
4- Imposing to the latest techniques and training methods used worldwide and using international expertise in training, employment and application on the ground.
5- To strive for excellence in the application of international standards.
6- Our competitive prices. .
7- Always strive to meet the requirements of our customers.

So with the meeting of abovementioned elements, which are rarely available in many companies, we have been able to impose our style in this field , we are always opposed to the statement that’s say the satisfaction of the customer is an impossible objective. But with the Quick Intervention Company, we believe that the satisfaction of our customers is a goal we have realized.